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Volunteer Testimonials

"Eight years ago, my oldest daughter gave birth to premature baby girls. They both lived less than an hour and my daughter was in critical condition. I was in a strange town with a grieving son-in-law and a critically ill daughter trying to keep them protected from all the people who were needing decisions about the girls and questions answered. We as a family had never experienced anything like this and I was way over my head. I made sure they were buffered and took care of everything then and for many days to follow. When I finally went home it took me forever to just get over all the stuff I had to do not to mention the loss of the babies. If I can save one person an extra minute of that same scenario or any other and give them some guidance and comfort, then I will be honored. Every time I go out on a call I know somehow, I have made their experience a little less traumatic. I have truly found a wonderful way to help my neighbors during possibly the worse time of their lives."

- Cheryl

"Why TIP? To use God's gift of empathy to serve others."

- Buddy

"I joined TIP of NW Florida because my family experienced a tragedy 15 years ago.  I was just a kid, but I remember that it was a TIP volunteer who came and helped us make sense of the chaos. I wanted to be that same light in a person's darkest hour, just like the person who was there for my family."

- RD

Emergency Responder Testimonials

"The TIP of NW FL volunteers were very helpful. They were there for the family, so they were not left alone when I had to leave the room. Thank you!"

- RN House Supervisor

"TIP volunteers saw to it that our first responder's emotional needs were addressed during a difficult recovery mission."

- Escambia Search & Rescue Member

"The volunteer was no less than co-pastoring with me. It was an honor to work with this volunteer amidst such a tragic scenario."

- Hospital Chaplain

"The volunteer stood out in the pouring rain for HOURS helping a family in need and she did not complain once. She was wonderful to work with and if I call for "TIPS" again, I hope that she responds."

- Lieutenant at ESCO

"The volunteer was very attentive to the needs of the citizens at the home. She did a great job of keeping everyone calm and explaining the process of what was happening, and what was going to take place. People like her are vital assets to your organization."


"The volunteer was awesome and diffused a hostile situation that was potentially dangerous. It's an honor to work side by side with TIP volunteers. Thanks for all you do"


Survivor Testimonials

"The volunteers were wonderful! They had a wheelchair for myself and my son's grandmother. They gave my granddaughter books and more. I thank God for these two ladies and the love they gave to me and the family."

- Survivor

"The volunteer was an angel in a difficult situation. She explained the sequence of events and made sure I had the points of contact."

- A Survivor

"Both volunteers were so wonderful--I appreciate them both! Everything they said was helpful. They were both so kind, caring, understanding and compassionate."

- Survivor

"My volunteer was very kind and understanding. He listened as we shared stories of our families. If you see this, thank you for your kind words, you are a wonderful person."

- Suvivor

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